Baptisms and Weddings are wonderful occasions for a wide circle of family and friends. We will work with you with the aim of making your day and the preparation for it a time of God’s blessing which encourages you for the rest of your lives.




Chalk Church has long been been a top choice as a Gravesend wedding venue; however, there are quite complicated laws and rules about marriage and therefore an early discussion with the Vicar is essential. This is often best achieved at St Mary’s after a Sunday morning service over coffee etc but you can also call or email.

(Sunday services start at 10.30am and last about an hour.)

A comprehensive guide is available via the following Church of England link:

For Weddings etc please see the Vicar or call (01474) 567906 or email:



Baptisms – also known as Christenings – are generally experienced as wonderful family events that take place in the parish church or the church where the family worships. At Chalk we aim to provide a welcoming and positive occasion for such events which also explain the important step of faith that is at the heart of such services. This step of faith is focused in a uniting of our lives with the life of Jesus Christ.


Baptisms normally happen after the main morning service (10.30am) on particular Sundays throughout the year.  Sometimes we baptise adults who have come to faith but often we are baptising children of parents who hold the Christian faith.  Indeed we encourage everyone to attend church.

Some element of preparation will be required and we normally do this in a home visit. At this time we will explain how the service works, what baptism means and answer any questions you may have.

Generally, a minimum of three godparents are required and they must at the least be baptised themselves and, because of the promises involved, have a commitment to the Christian faith. (Two godparents should be of the same sex as the child concerned and one of the opposite sex. In the case of adults being baptised, godparents are known as sponsors.)

For Baptisms / Christenings contact Janet Munson on (01474) 359028 or